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Biotene is a special oral-care brand that has produced a wide variety of products, which help in dealing with the symptoms of dry mouth (also known as xerostomia). Xerostomia can be incited by several factors, including the use of certain medications, therapeutic radiation, anxiety, depression, Cerebral Palsy, Rheumatoid conditions, dehydration, getting older or even special medical conditions like Sjogrens syndrome.

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Biotene products exist in different forms including toothpaste, mouth gels and moisturising mouthwash, which all provide a long-lasting and significant relief, coupled with protection from tooth decay.

How Biotene Works

The patented standard for Biotene products is the Triple Enzyme System, which is basically a combination of 3 enzymes and one protein – which ideally should be naturally occurring in the human saliva. The triple enzyme complex helps in providing and maintaining the much required antibacterial protection in the mouth, while simultaneously supplying the required moisture that aids oral comfort.

The range of available Biotene products are specially designed as a double-pronged remedy for dry mouth discomfort, as well as oral problems associated with the lack of or inadequate amount of saliva. Although many xerostomia patients use Biotene to lower the recurrence rate of dental plaques, Biotene itself doesn't reduce the count of the bacteria responsible significantly, but it does help in providing great relief.

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