Waxsol Ear Drop Solution - 10ml

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Laura Henderson - Medical Content Writer
Laura Henderson
Medical Content Writer
James O'Loan - CEO & Superintendent Pharmacist
James O'Loan
CEO & Superintendent Pharmacist

What is Waxsol?

Waxsol ear drops help to unblock ears that have been blocked up by earwax. If you’re suffering with blocked ears and are struggling to hear as well as you should, Waxsol can help to clear waxy build up over just 2 nights. Ideal for those looking for a quick solution to earwax build up.


Why are my ears blocked with earwax?

Your ears can become blocked with dry, hard earwax for a number of different reasons. Some of the most common causes of earwax build up are:

  • Your ears naturally produce a lot of earwax.
  • Your age – as you get older your earwax gets harder naturally.
  • Your ear canals are narrow.
  • A lot of hair grows in your ear canals.
  • You use in ear devices, such as headphones, hearing aids, or earplugs, which can push earwax back into your ears.


How will these ear drops help to clear wax from my ears?

Waxsol ear drops contain the active ingredient docusate sodium, which helps to soften and break up the earwax in your ear canal. It can even soften dry, hard wax, helping to break down blockages and encouraging them to fall out of the ear naturally.


Can I clear earwax out of my ears myself?

Waxsol ear drops are designed to soften your ear wax so it can fall out by itself or can be cleared out by a doctor or nurse. Although it may be tempting to try to clear the wax out yourself, you shouldn’t do this and you definitely should not put anything into your ear. The organs in your ear are very delicate, and can be damaged if you try to clear out wax by yourself.


Can I use these ear drops if I’m pregnant?

You should not use Waxsol ear drops if you are pregnant or think you may become pregnant. Speak to your doctor or Chemist 4 U pharmacist before using this product if you are pregnant or breastfeeding to make sure that this product is safe for you and your baby.


Can I use this product at the same time as other medication?

Speak to your doctor or Chemist 4 U pharmacist before using these ear drops if you are taking any other medication. Some medicines can interact when used together, causing unwanted side effects or making the medication work less effectively, your doctor or Chemist 4 U pharmacist can help you to avoid this.


How to use Waxsol ear drops

Before using Waxsol, put the included dropper into the bottle of ear drops and fill it up. Tilt your head to the side, keeping the ear you wish to treat facing upwards. Use the dropper to gently drip Waxsol into your ear until it is full. The best time to do this is before bed. Use your ear drops for 2 nights at a time and no more.


When should Waxsol not be used?

Do not use Waxsol if you are allergic to any of the listed ingredients. This product is for external use only, avoid getting into contact with eyes. Do not use Waxsol if:

  • You have a perforated (burst) eardrum.
  • Your ear is sore inside.
  • You have any other kind of ear problem, such as infection or discharge.


Does this product have any side effects?

Like all medicines, Waxsol can have side effects, although not everyone will get them. These side effects include:

  • An allergic reaction e.g. redness of the skin, rash, etc.
  • Stinging
  • Soreness
  • Pain caused by swelling or injuries in the ear canal.

If you experience these or any other side effects while using Waxsol, stop use and speak to your doctor or Chemist 4 U pharmacist right away.


How to store these ear drops

Store these ear drops in a cool, dry place that is below 25 degrees C. Keep out of sight and reach of children. Do not use this product after the expiry date on the packaging has passed.


Important Information

This product is a medicine; make sure to speak to your doctor or Chemist-4-U pharmacist before taking this product if you have an underlying medical problem or are taking any other medicine or complementary therapy. If your symptoms get worse or continue after taking this product, contact us or your doctor. For medical services in your area, please refer to https://www.nhs.uk

If you are pregnant, trying to become pregnant, or breastfeeding, speak to your doctor or our pharmacist before taking this product. If you suffer from any allergies, ask your doctor or our pharmacist if this medicine is right for you.

Store all medicines out of sight and reach of children.

Please read the included leaflet carefully before using this product.

Please contact your GP if appropriate regarding this product.


Helpful Advice on Medication Restrictions & Addiction

For further information on our medication restrictions policy, please click here.

If you are concerned about an addiction to 'over the counter' medication, we urge you to visit the below links for professional help and advice:

Waxsol Ear Drop Solution - 10ml Reviews

By Judith Brown,
April 16, 2024
Always does the job
By customer,
August 16, 2022
Does what it says ,very good.
By Julie Marfleet,
August 17, 2021
Great product to resolve ear wax challenges!
By Jason Gentry,
July 13, 2021
Great product best I’ve ever used but defo follow instructions on usage.
By John,
June 29, 2021
It did what i expected
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