How We Write Our Content

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How Our Professionals Create Valuable Content You Can Trust

We understand that reading about your health on the internet can feel a bit daunting, with all of the misinformation out there it's no surprise that some people just don't trust online medical advice.

Our content writing process was created with that in mind, using the knowledge of our healthcare professionals and other reliable sources to create original, informative pieces that you can trust.

How Our Team Works

Writing interesting and accurate content for our site is a team effort, taking research, creative ideas, and fact-checking before we can share any of our work with you. We’re lucky to have a dedicated team that works together to ensure that all of our guides and product information are interesting, informative, and accurate. Everyone has a part to play, and here’s a little more information about the people who bring our content to life.

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Our Pharmacists

Our team of registered pharmacists are always on hand to provide their professional opinions and share the knowledge they’ve gained over years of practice.

They check over every piece of content on our site for accuracy and quality, so you can be sure that the information we’re providing is grounded in professional advice.

They keep our team up to date with new developments in pharmaceutical topics and make sure that our writing team has someone to turn to for clarity when other online advice just isn’t cutting it.

Our Content Writers

Our content writers are responsible for taking all of the knowledge our pharmacists have stored up in their brains and translating it into original, easy to read content.

This ranges from guides and advice about healthcare topics, to information about specific treatments and products.

They’re responsible for in-depth research using reputable sources to guide their articles, turning to our pharmacists for advice and first-hand experience of how medical treatments work when they need to.

Our writers put their creative talents and literary skills to the test every day, answering the questions that our patients really want to know and making sure there’s always some new topics for our customers to come back to

Customer Services

Our customer services team are the lovely folks you’ll speak to when you send us an email or pick up the phone.

They make sure that your feedback gets back to the right people so we can make changes and pick up on any little errors or omissions that might occasionally happen.

As they speak to our patients and customers every day, they’re an invaluable source of information for our writing team.

They keep our writers up to date with patients’ most asked questions and help to make sure our content is as clear as crystal by pointing out improvements that they and our customers have noticed

Trusted Sources Only

We want you to have trust in our content so we make sure that we only use trusted sources when we write our content. Sometimes, it can be hard to separate facts from fiction online, which is why our content team uses a list of universally trusted sources for their information. Some of the sources we use the most include:


We use the information provided by the NHS on their website and in literature, they create and send to pharmacy staff

MHRA Patient Information Leaflets (PILs)

These leaflets are included with every licensed medication in the UK and they let you know how to use your treatment, when to use it, the active ingredients, and much, much more

NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence)

Evidence-based guidance for health and social care issues created by a reputable independent committee. The recommendations they provide include medication guidelines and published guidance about medical conditions.

Manufacturer’s UK websites

We make sure to only use information from manufacturers’ websites that are intended for a British audience. Some medications can differ slightly from country to country and it’s important to get those small details right.

Our Review Process

Our content writers do a wonderful job of writing accurate and informative content, but it never hurts to get professional feedback. That’s where our pharmacists come in, reading over every piece of content on our site and offering their opinions and ideas for improvements.

When they’ve reviewed the content, they give it their seal of approval, which you can find at the top of each piece along with information about the pharmacist themselves. This includes their name, qualifications, and their General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC) registration number, so you can rest assured knowing that a qualified pharmacist has signed off on the information we provide.

Keeping Up To Date

Health care is always evolving and improving, so we need to do that too. Every time we write a piece of content we mark it with the day we wrote it and a review date two years in the future. When that date comes around, our content team will review the page, make sure it’s still accurate, and make updates if we need to.

These updates include making sure that Patient Information Leaflets for medications are up to date, ingredients lists are still accurate, and reflecting any updates that have been made to them in our content. This review process also allows us to improve on our work, adding in new information that we think our customers and patients would like to know about.

showing style
Showing Our Style

We believe that you should be able to make your own informed choices about your healthcare, and that means understanding your condition and the treatments available to you.

However, as important as learning is, we all know that reading a textbook can be boring enough to make you drop off to sleep (although we can’t endorse dull books as a cure for insomnia). That’s why we try to keep our language simple, to the point, and as interesting as possible.

We understand that healthcare can be baffling and figuring out the leaflets that come with your medications can seem impossible, so we’ve made it our mission to ditch the confusion and bring you content that’s informative and easy to get your head around.

Think of it as a translation service, we take all of the complex medical jargon and break it down into easy-to-read pieces that give you the information you came here for.

Listening To Your Feedback

Nobody’s perfect and no matter how hard we try, sometimes mistakes just happen.

This is why feedback from our patients and customers is so important to us — it helps us to improve!

We’re always open to listening to your thoughts about our site, so if you notice anything that isn’t quite right, please feel free to give us a heads up.

Let our customer services team know what you think and they’ll communicate with our content team so we can make updates and fix errors.

Feedback is invaluable, so don’t be shy, get in touch and help us to be the best pharmacy we can be.

listening to feedback

james oloan

CEO & Prescribing Pharmacist

GPHC No. 2084549

The original editorial information we provide is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

Always seek the advice of your doctor or healthcare professionals regarding a medical condition.

Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it in because of anything you have read in our articles.

Although we do our best to fact check our content, it can’t compare to personalised care from a medical professional.

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