Sure Women Bright Bouquet Deodorant - 150ml

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Alexandra Moses - Medical Content Writer
Alexandra Moses
Medical Content Writer
James O'Loan - CEO & Superintendent Pharmacist
James O'Loan
CEO & Superintendent Pharmacist

What is Sure Women Bright Bouquet Deodorant?

Sure Women Bright Bouquet Deodorant is formulated to provide you with 48 hours of protection against sweat and odour, and the sweet scent of fruit and floral stays with you no matter how hard you push yourself. This deodorant contains Sure’s innovative MotionSense technology which releases bursts of fragrance when you need it most, so you can feel fresh, dry and protected all day.


How to use this product

To use, shake well before use, then hold the bottle 15cm from your underarm and spray. Repeat as and when required. Avoid contact with eyes and broken skin.


How does antiperspirant work?

Antiperspirants contain aluminium salts that work by blocking your sweat ducts, reducing the amount of sweat that reaches your skin’s surface. This shouldn’t be confused with deodorants, which simply mask bad odour. Aluminium salts also play a role in minimising the smell of sweat by reducing the number of bacteria that are associated with odour production.


What is the difference between deodorant and antiperspirant?

Antiperspirant and deodorant are different products. Deodorant masks odour, whereas antiperspirant reduces how much you sweat. However, quite often both are combined into a single product to reduce sweating and to keep you smelling fresh.


When is the best time to apply deodorant?

Most people apply their deodorant in the morning before they get dressed for the day, but actually, the best time to apply deodorant is at night. This is because your sweat glands will be more receptive to the deodorant’s active ingredients when they’re less active themselves, giving you more protection against sweat.


Storage information

Store in a cool, dry place out of sight and reach of children. Do not use after the expiry date, referring to the last day of the month stated on the packaging. Do not spray onto an open flame or other ignition sources. Keep away from heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames and ignition sources. Do not smoke near this product.

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