Chemist-4-U Statement on Counterfeit Healthcare

Chemist-4-U takes the safety and wellbeing of patients very seriously. To ensure our service and the products we supply are of the highest standard, we take on an important role in actively working against counterfeiting in the healthcare industry. Chemist-4-U aims to protect our patients from counterfeit medicines and other healthcare related products by following as well as initiating all appropriate steps to safeguard public health.

We do this by:

  • - Working closely with relevant authorities.
  • - Rigorously following internal procedures.
  • - Only working with reputable and trusted suppliers.
  • - Raising awareness while educating customers on the issue of counterfeit medicines.

Counterfeit medicines- what is it?

Counterfeit, or ‘fake’ medicines are drugs that has not been manufactured or tested by regulated healthcare companies. Counterfeit medicines are often produced to look exactly like legitimate drugs, but are likely to contain contaminated ingredients, wrong ingredients or no active ingredient at all.

Counterfeit medicines are never safe to use. They can kill or poison people as they are not manufactured under the same strict conditions as legitimate medicines. These uncontrolled conditions may lack partly or completely in quality control, safety and hygiene.

How can counterfeit medicines affect me?

Counterfeit medicines can be very harmful. If they contain the wrong ingredient, they may make your condition worse or poison you. If they do not contain the active ingredient they claim to contain, your health may deteriorate due to the lack of suitable medication.

How can I tell if a pharmacy is legitimate?

Although online pharmacies cannot and should not replace face to face consultations, they can offer a convenient way of ordering selected medicines and treatments. To ensure the online pharmacy is operating legally:

  • - Always check the registration status of the pharmacist.
  • - Ensure the online pharmacy is linked to a brick and mortar pharmacy by inspecting the pharmacy name and address.
  • - Before ordering, control that the website is asking questions about your health and condition. Online pharmacies often do this by asking you to fill in a questionnaire at the point of ordering pharmacy items.

Chemist-4-U, legitimate pharmacy regulated by the MHRA and the GPhC