ClearO2 15L Oxygen Can With Inhaler Cap

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15L Oxygen Can with Cap £15.99
Faye Bonnell - Medical Content Writer
Faye Bonnell
Medical Content Writer

What is ClearO2? 

Breathing oxygen-enriched air can increase the feeling of wellbeing and improve your quality of life. ClearO2 could help your body to deal with fatigue, lack of concentration, physical stress, increased ozone levels, air pollution and poor ventilation. Supplemental oxygen can also be used to increase performance in sport and aid recovery between heavy bouts of exercise. 

How to use this product

Always consult your doctor before using this product. To use ClearO2 Oxygen Can with Inhaler Cap, follow the steps below: 

1. Lay trigger flat against top of can

2. Press inhaler cap to your mouth with the trigger pointing to your chin and the notch under your nose.

3. Depress the trigger with your thumb whilst inhaling for 2 seconds and release whilst exhaling.

4. Repeat 8-10 times and then wait at least 10 minutes before subsequent use. Repeat as required throughout the day.

Reasons you may not be getting enough oxygen

Our body’s cells need a regular supply of high-quality oxygen to function at peak levels and successfully renew as healthy cells. We live in an increasingly polluted and over-crowded environment and the following situations may lead to an inefficient supply of oxygen: 

  • Work in stuffy offices

  • Spend too much time indoors due to dark, cold and rainy weather in winter

  • Commute on busy polluted roads or in confined crowded trains.

  • Live in a town/city where pollution is high

  • Aged over 35 causing lung capacity to reduce

  • Involved in repeated heavy exercise 

  • Recently landed from a flight

  • Unable to exercise regularly or even at all 

What are the benefits of supplemental oxygen? 

While the benefits of supplemental oxygen in healthy people haven’t been clinically proven, using a product like ClearO2 may help the body to tackle fatigue and stress. It may also benefit people who live in areas with air pollution or those who spend a lot of time in poorly ventilated spaces. 

ClearO2 15L Oxygen Can With Inhaler Cap Reviews

By Cate B,
February 23, 2024
Very good.
By dianne james,
February 28, 2023
Really useful as relief when I have allergy attacks.
By dianne james,
January 03, 2023
Really useful. I suffer from asthma due to allergies and this is very quick to ease my discomfort occasionally.
By dianne james,
November 22, 2022
Easy to use. Very useful
By dianne james,
August 23, 2022
Excellent product. Really useful. Good value.
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