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    Cetaphil Pro Tinted Moisturising Day Cream SPF30 - 50ml
    Dry Skin

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    Eylure London Dybrow- Eyebrow Dye Kit - BLACK
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  3. Maybelline Colour Show Nail Lacquer Set
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    Philosophy Concealer 6.0 Almond 10ml
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Frequently Asked Questions

It’s advised that you should clean your foundation and concealer brushes or sponges once a week at the minimum to prevent product and bacteria build-up.


Brushes used around the eye can go longer, but no less than twice a month.

There’s nothing more frustrating than when your once perfect bold lip ends up smudged across your face - or worse, your teeth.


But there are ways to help your lipstick last longer, and it all starts with the preparation.


Exfoliate your lips with a scrub and moisturise with a lip balm to prevent your lipstick sticking to any dry patches.


Use a lip liner to prevent your lipstick bleeding and a lip brush for precise application.

Yes, and there are multiple reasons why.


If you dampen your sponge, it won’t absorb your expensive makeup products because it’s already absorbed the water.


Not only can this save you money, but it’s more hygienic, too.


Additionally, it applies makeup a lot better, giving you an even, streak-free finish.

With the amount of cosmetics on the market, it can be overwhelming to someone who is experienced with makeup, never mind to a beginner!


So, we’ll simplify it for you.


To have great looking makeup, you need a good base, so always start with a primer.


This should be followed by concealer (try getting a shade lighter for underneath the eyes), foundation, powder, bronzer, blusher and highlighter.