An idle mouth provides a perfect habitat for bacteria. A mouth that is infested with bacteria is vulnerable to mouth ulcers and bad breath, something we strongly believe no one wants to live with. As your trusted oral health partner, Chemist-4-U provides refreshing chewing gum to keep your jaws moving and keep the mouth fresh for a long time. One such chewing gum brand listed on Chemist-4-U website is the respected Wrigley’s. Read More See less

Stay Refreshed With Wrigley’s Gum Available To Buy From Chemist-4-U

About Wrigley’s Gum

Wrigley’s gum listed on the Chemist-4-U website come in different flavors and packages. The flavors were carefully selected to also cater for people with different tastes, for example vegetarians. The Wrigley’s Extra Peppermint gum has gained a reputation in the UK over the years, becoming one of the most trusted and consumed gum in the country. The peppermint flavor carries a refreshing feel that always leaves your mouth feeling extra fresh during and after chewing on it.

 Chemist-4-U also lists the Wrigley’s Double Peppermint Sugar-free gum on its site. This gum is made of sweeteners and the sugar-free feature helps in keeping your gums and teeth health all year round. This gum also carries the peppermint flavor that keeps your mouth feeling extra fresh for the whole day. It has an added advantage of it being suitable for vegetarians.

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