With more than 200 years of experience, Potter’s is an authentic and conventional British company which deals extensively in herbal products. The herbal products from this brand are completely licensed with a product license (PL) or Traditional Herbal Registration (THR). The comprehensive range of herbal products included by the brand are relief from coughs, cold, joint pain, gastro-intestinal disorders and women’s health. Along with these products, Potter’s also encompasses exclusive products like, Red Kooga, Seatone, Calcia as well as Equazen which are some of the world’s leading fish oil containing health products.read moreSee less

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  1. Potters Mucus Cough – 20 Pastilles
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  2. Potters Chesty Cough & Catarrh - 20 Pastilles
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    This product is non-drowsy.

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