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CB12 Is Available To Buy From Chemist-4-U

CB12 is a brand name for a set of mouth cleansing/breath freshening products whose active ingredients are zinc acetate and chlorhexidine. CB12 is an effective remedy to bad breath and provides about 12 hours of fresh breath and protection from undesired microbes that cause bad breath. The range of products include CB12 mouth rinse and CB12 Boost – a breath-freshening chewing gum.

How CB12 Neutralizes Bad Breath

Bad breath is also known as halitosis. Halitosis is a gum disease that results from bacteria build-up in the mouth. The bacteria produce toxins that forms plaque, which in-turn irritates the gum. The immediate consequence of this is the emanation of a bad odour from the mouth. This is where CB12 mouth rinse comes in handy!

The unique combination of zinc acetate and chlorhexidine works synergistically to control the unwanted bacteria population in the mouth, while also providing a therapeutic effect on the affected gum region. Once applied, CB12 adheres effortlessly to the mouth lining, tongue and teeth and remain intact for about 12 hours, providing a long-lasting, minty freshness in your breath.

CB12 boost also adds to the benefits derived from the mouth rinse. It is a 2-layer, sugar-free, triple-action chewing gum that contains zinc for prevention of bad breath, sodium fluoride for strengthening of the teeth and xylitol for plaque reduction. Try CB12 today for a restoration of fresh breath.

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Showing 2 results