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Stay Relieved With Actifed At Chemist-4-U

Flu and colds are common illnesses that affect people across al the age groups. Chemist-4-U has just the solutions to relieve people from the troubles associated with flu symptoms as well as dry coughs from the chest. The solution in question in Actifed, a Chemist-4-U provided medicine that should be the answer to dry coughs and flu symptoms.

Treatment Of Flu Symptoms

For the treatment of flu symptoms, Actifed provides two options, one that comes in the form of tablets and the other in the form of a syrup. Multi-Action Actifed Tablets are for oral use only and should be used according to instructions. These are responsible for relieving sneezing, watery eyes, blocked and congested nose. The Multi-Action Actifed Dry Coughs is a syrup that does not only treat symptoms of flu, but also helps in loosening stubborn mucus from the chest.

Treatment of Dry, Stubborn Mucus

Chesty coughs can be difficult and painful if the mucus is dry and stubborn. Thanks to Chemist-4-U, the Multi-Action Actifed Chesty Coughs syrup also helps with relieving flu symptoms but goes further to loosen dry chesty coughs that are stubborn and cause discomfort when a person is coughing. This also is an oral medicine and should be preferably consumed by adults that are over the age of 12 years.

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Showing 3 results