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A. Vogel is a brand of herbal remedy for dry, chesty and tickly cough. This brand stands out in the pharmaceutical industry as for its potency and trust for rapid relief. It comes with a 150-spray of 30ml bottle that is suitable for use by children from 4 years old and adults in general. This cough spray is made of active herbal ingredients like mullein and marshmallow extracts. Other trace ingredients are honey, potassium sorbate and water.

What is a Cough?

Coughs are reflex actions. The action takes out irritants and mucus from the throat. Coughs could be very annoying and disturbing on a cold day or at night while trying to catch some sleep. They comes as dry, chest and tickly. And sometimes with a painful feeling on the chest and throat.

How A. Vogel works:

The remedy forms a covering material around the surface of the throat using antitussive properties that has a menthol feeling. It clears the airways and the nasal passage in minute. If there is any presence of irritation around the tissues of the throat, the active ingredients flush out the irritation. There are no adverse side effects with this natural product as with other popular brands.

A. Vogel cough spray will not knock you off into a state of drowsiness or unconsciousness. This product gives a fast relief in less than a week. However, it is advised that if you have a cough that has affected you for over 6 weeks without a remedy, seek consultation from a medical expert.

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