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PCR Test For Your Fit To Fly Certificate


Restrictions are finally lifting and the world is opening back up again, but you still need to be careful when you travel to other countries.


As well as quarantining when you need to, you may be asked to provide a COVID-19 Fit To Fly Certificate before you can fly as a way to make sure that you’re not bringing the virus with you on your trip.


To get your certificate you’ll need to take a COVID-19 test and have it analysed by a lab who will then send your certificate over to you, ready for your journey.


Think it sounds difficult? Not at all! You can buy your PCR test kit from us and we’ll deliver it right to your door so you can test at home, pop your sample in the post, and get your Fit To Fly Certificate sent to you just in time for an easy journey.

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How to Take Your COVID-19 Fit To Fly Test
How to take a self-test swab

Help your kids understand COVID-19 swab tests

Which airlines require a Fit To Fly Certificate?

Although you’ll need to take your COVID-19 Fit To Fly Certificate with you when you fly, it’s not necessarily the airlines that require them, but the country you’re travelling to.


However, each airline can have different rules and more and more of them are starting to require proof of a recent negative COVID-19 test before they’ll let you board your flight.


They’re making these checks to help them keep their staff and other passengers safe as well as letting them know whether you’ll be cleared to enter the country you’re flying to.


As some countries are issuing fines to those who arrive without a recent negative test, the staff could be doing you a huge favour if they make sure you have your test before you board!

Will I be fined if I don’t have a COVID-19 Fit To Fly Certificate?

Some countries are issuing fines to those who arrive in their ports or airports without a valid COVID-19 Fit To Fly certificate.


For example, at the time of writing Spain are issuing fines for a minimum of €3,000 for those who arrive without a negative test!


Of course, this differs from country to country and other places won’t hit your bank balance quite as hard, but be aware that this can happen to you if you don’t have the documentation you need.

How many days before my trip should I take my COVID-19 test?

Each country that requires a negative COVID-19 test for entry has slightly different rules and regulations for how long your test will be valid.


For example, some countries require that your test was done within 72 hours (3 days) before you land there, while others require that your test was done within 72 hours before you depart the UK.


We recommend taking your test as early as you can within the time period the country you're travelling to requires, as this will give you the time to get your test results back and make any alternative arrangements if you need to.

Can I use an NHS COVID-19 test instead of a Fit To Fly Certificate?

No, you can’t use an NHS COVID-19 test result instead of a Fit To Fly Certificate.


NHS tests won’t give you the documentation you need to enter another country, so you’ll need to get a private test done before you’re due to depart.

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Where can I find a Royal Mail priority post box?

The Royal Mail has started a priority post box scheme as a way to get COVID-19 tests to their labs as quickly as possible.


Fit To Fly COVID-19 test samples can be sent using this service, you just need to find your nearest priority post box.


Luckily, the Royal Mail’s website has a location service that can use your postcode or current location to find your nearest one.


Just click the link below to try it for yourself.

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Will I need to take another test on my way back to the UK?

Yes, at the moment you will need to provide proof of a negative COVID-19 test result when you come back to the UK, even if you’re a UK citizen.


This test will need to have been taken within 72 hours of your departure for the UK and the results will need to be in English, French or Spanish.


If you can’t provide proof of a negative test result when you arrive back in the UK, you can be fined £500 at the border, so make sure you get that test done!

How long do Fit To Fly Certificates last?

COVID-19 Fit To Fly Certificates don’t have an expiration date, but when you arrive in the country they’re flying to, border security will check when your test was taken.


If your test was taken earlier than the time window they require for entry (often 72 hours before you depart the UK or arrive at your destination) it won’t be accepted as valid proof of a negative test.

How do I take this PCR test?

Before taking your PCR test, make sure you wash and dry your hands thoroughly and attach the URN labels included to the test tube and biohazard bag.


Open the swab, taking care to avoid touching the soft tip. Open your mouth and swab the soft tip over your tonsils and the back of your throat, avoiding your tongue, teeth, and gums.


Then use the same swab and insert it into your nostril, going gently in as far as you can until you meet resistance.


Rotate the swab 5 times in the nostril, then remove it and repeat the process in your other nostril.


While still holding the swab, open up the sample collection tube and place the swab into the liquid, soft tip first.


Break or cut off the extra handle of the swab, leaving the soft tip inside, and then replace the lid onto the sample tube, making sure it’s tightly fastened.


Wash your hands and then place the sample tube into the sample bags included and then into the return envelope, making sure to keep hold of the extra URN label you’ve been given so you can register your test online.

Where do I send my test when it’s done?

Each test comes with a prepaid return envelope that you can use to return your sample.


It has the testing lab’s address already printed on it so you can just pop it in the nearest priority post box when you’re ready.


Alternatively, you may want to go to your local post office and pay for guaranteed next day shipping to the address on your prepaid envelope, if you’re concerned about the lab getting your test as quickly as possible.

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