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A TravelJohn is a disposible urinal that you can take with you wherever you're going. If urinals aren't the worst of your travel woes, the TravelJohn range also contains waste bags, disposable phone chargers, and even shower gel, so no matter what you're doing, we've got you covered!

So it is a literal travel john?

Absolutely! The TravelJohn is a disposable urinal that you can take with you anywhere, even the most remote of locations. So don't worry about being caught short when you're out and about, if you're going anywhere that won't have a real john, pick up a TravelJohn and take it with you. No longer will you have to resort to peeing behind a tree or squatting behind a bush, just get out your TravelJohn and take care of business quickly, quietly, and cleanly!

Who can use TravelJohn?

The TravelJohn range has products for all the family, from the original TravelJohn, TravelJane for women on the go, and TravelJohn Junior for parents who are sick of hearing "I NEED TO PEE!" every time they have to drive for more than half an hour.

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Showing 7 results