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Riemann P20 Sunscreen Sprays, Lotions, & Face Cream

Riemann P20 Sunscreen Sprays, Lotions, & Face Cream

P20 Factor 15, 20, 30, & 50+ Sun Protection

Riemann P20 sun care sprays and lotions offer you up to 10 hours of sun protection with every application.

Available in a wide range of SPF protection, including factor 15, 20, 30, and 50+, P20 sun creams also offer 4- and 5-star UVA protection.

These waterproof sunscreens are perfect for the whole family, offering you superior protection from harmful UV rays so you can relax and have fun in the sun.

If you’re searching for sun care that’s kind to sensitive skin, free from added colours and fragrances, and long-lasting, Riemann P20 could be perfect for you.

Showing 12 results

Showing 12 results

Which Riemann P20 product is right for me and my family?

Which Riemann P20 product is right for me and my family?


We recommend that everyone wears sun protection, but the level of SPF protection you need can differ depending on your skin type.


Of course, you should use whichever SPF feels right for your own skin and make sure that you use the highest SPF protection available for any children who are out in the sun, but this is a good rule of thumb:


  • Lighter skin tones who burn or redden easily – SPF 50 and then SPF 30
  • Medium skin tones who tan gradually – SPF 15, 20, or 30
  • Darker skin tones who tan easily – SPF 15

How do I apply Riemann P20?

How to make sure you’re protected in the sun

You should apply your Riemann P20 sunscreen liberally around 15 minutes before you’re planning to go out into the sun.

Massage the lotion or spray into your skin, making sure that vulnerable areas like your shoulders and feet are covered properly.

To protect your face, spray or pour a small amount of P20 into your hands and rub it onto your face, making sure it’s well covered, don’t spray this product directly onto your face.

Reapply after you’ve been swimming, after towel drying your skin, or if you’ve been sweating a lot.


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