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Infacol Soothing Colic Relief

Infacol is a soothing remedy for babies who have colic or trapped wind.


It combines the little gas bubbles that build up in baby’s tummy when they have indigestion, turning them into bigger bubbles that are easier for your little one to bring up as wind. This helps them to feel more comfortable.


This could keep your baby from crying and help both you and baby to get some much-needed rest.


Infacol is easy to use, can be used from birth onwards, and is free from sugar, alcohol and colourants.


There’s a reason why it’s Britain’s number one colic remedy!

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How long does Infacol take to work?

Infacol gets to work straight away, easing symptoms of colic and indigestion.


However, although it works straight away, this product should be used for several days to prevent the build-up of wind.


It can even be used for several weeks at a time if needed, and you may find that Infacol can become more effective over time.

Does Infacol have any side effects?

Infacol is very unlikely to cause side effects in your little one.


This is because the active ingredient, Simeticone, isn’t absorbed by your baby’s body, passing through their system while causing very little harm.


However, every medication has the potential to have side effects, so make sure you speak to your doctor or pharmacist right away if you notice any unwanted effects while using this product.

What kind of constipation do I have?

In order to get the best treatment for your constipation, you need to know what type of constipation you have.


There are two types of constipation, mild and severe. The issues caused will be the same, just the impact of them will differ.


The other way to know what type of constipation you have will involve looking into the abyss.


Well, actually it’s your toilet but they both lead to a dark place.

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