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Infacol Soothing Colic Relief

Infacol Soothing Colic Relief

Infacol is a soothing remedy for babies who have colic or trapped wind.

It combines the little gas bubbles that build up in baby’s tummy when they have indigestion, turning them into bigger bubbles that are easier for your little one to bring up as wind. This helps them to feel more comfortable.

This could keep your baby from crying and help both you and baby to get some much-needed rest.

Infacol is easy to use, can be used from birth onwards, and is free from sugar, alcohol and colourants.

There’s a reason why it’s Britain’s number one colic remedy!

Infacol Drops

What is Colic?

What is Colic?

Colic is a common condition that affects babies, making them cry unconsolably without any obvious cause.


Colic will normally get better on its own, but it can be very concerning for parents who want their little ones to feel better as quickly as possible.


Nobody knows the cause of colic, but one of the theories is that babies struggle to digest their food when they’re young, bloating and indigestion.


This is why many parents use Infacol, which helps to ease indigestion and release their trapped wind, making them feel more comfortable.

More About Infacol

What is Infacol?

How Does Infacol Work?


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