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Anbesol is a mouth ulcer relief liquid that helps reduce pain from gum and mouth irritation. Anbesol is available for toddlers and adults.

Anbesol For Toddlers

Toddlers usually suffer from swollen gums during teething days. Parents go through a hard time when this happens but Anbesol can help them go through teething pain-free. To administer Anbesol to children, an adult should apply a few drops of the solution on a clean finger before gently applying to the swollen areas on the mouth or gums.

Anbesol For Adults

Unlike babies, adults can apply Anbesol twice a day. Application takes the same way as the babies through the use of a clean finger to apply the liquid to the swollen part. 30 minutes to an hour interval should be kept between applications of Anbesol for both toddlers and adults. When using Anbesol, the pain should be able to go away within seven days, if it doesn’t, you should consult your doctor for further assessment.

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Showing 3 results