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A reliable thermometer is an essential addition to any first aid kit, helping you to keep an eye on your temperature when you have the flu or other illnesses.


If you’re a parent, you may want to keep a thermometer handy so you can check up on your little ones when they have a fever, which can happen when they have chickenpox, tonsillitis, post-immunisation flu, and other common childhood illnesses.


There is a wide range of different thermometers available, making taking a temperature easier and more accurate than ever.


We stock forehead thermometers, in-ear thermometers, and even contactless thermometers, so you can find the perfect way to monitor a fever or high temperature.

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How do I take my child’s temperature?
Which thermometer should I use on my baby?

The NHS recommends using a digital thermometer to measure a baby’s temperature.

You should place the thermometer inside your baby’s armpit, keeping their arm pressed to the side of their body for best results.

In older children, you can use an in-ear thermometer, which may be easier and more comfortable, especially if your child is taking a nap.

If your child has a high temperature, the result will read 38 degrees C or higher, and it will usually go back to normal in a few days.

How to care for a child with a fever
 What’s the difference between a digital thermometer and a mercury thermometer?
 What temperature will I have if I have a fever?
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