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First Aid Treatment Kits and Antiseptics

Always keep a First-aid kit handy, to cope with cuts, bruises, bites and other such mishaps. Follow all precautionary measures and prevent your loved ones from any complications.

Small cuts and scrapes, negligible bruises and other such happenings may trigger an infection, leading to complicated situations. Also, a first-aid kit with necessary dressing material comes in handy to stop bleeding, provide instant relief while the injured is rushed to the hospital. All first –aid medicines, supplies and antiseptics are available individually or under different kits in the First Aid section of Chemist-4-U pharmacy. Ensure the well-being of your family and loved ones; keep a first-aid kit at hand.

Antiseptics, plaster and Bandages - we have you covered

The complete range of first aid products including anti-septic, anti-bacterial lotions and dressing, bandages etc. from well-known brands such as Savlon, Dettol, Lanacane and Acriflex ensure cuts and scrapes are kept clean and risk free and your loved ones are away from any risk.

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