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Sodium Alginate for Heartburn and Acid Reflux

Sodium Alginate for Heartburn and Acid Reflux

Sodium Alginate Liquid, Tablets, and Sachets

Sodium alginate is an ingredient that’s included in lots of remedies for acid reflux and heartburn.

It’s included in liquid, tablets, sachets, and other indigestion remedies that help to ease the irritation caused by acid reflux.

If you suffer with acid reflux and painful heartburn after you eat, a remedy containing sodium alginate could help you to feel more comfortable again.

You can find it in medications from Gaviscon, Rennie, Peptac, and other popular indigestion medicines, sometimes included with other ingredients like potassium bicarbonate and sodium bicarbonate.

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1-24 of 38

How Does Sodium Alginate Work for Acid Reflux?

How Does Sodium Alginate Work for Acid Reflux?


Sodium alginate is a type of medication known as a “reflux suppressant”.


This means it works to ease acid reflux by creating a protective layer over the contents of your stomach, including your stomach acid.


This keeps the stomach acid from irritating your stomach lining and going up towards your throat and irritating your oesophagus.


When this happens, the burning sensation you feel in your chest is called heartburn, and it’s a side effect of acid reflux.


This means that medications which contain sodium alginate can help to ease heartburn and acid reflux all in one.


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