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When it comes to treating your child’s cough, the most effective treatments are cough medicines that are designed for kids specifically. The reason for this is that their bodies are more susceptible to side effects and as a result, require special formulations.

Since 2010, regulations were put in place that requires cough medication for children age 6-12 to only be available at pharmacies. The reason for this was because of the risks of side effects from these medicines. Therefore, when buying any cough medicine, you need to know if it right for your child.

We offer a range of cough medicines and syrups that help provide relief. This includes sachets as well as medicine syrups in a bottle.

Our range of cough medicines for children include treatments from brands such as Calpol and Benylin.

Some cough syrups will require pharmacy approval before purchase. This is to ensure that it is the right product for you and your child. 

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Showing 14 results