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Cold and Flu Medicines, Tablets and Powders

Suffering with a pesky cold or the flu? Here at Chemist4U we have a wide range of cold and flu medicines, including tablets, syrups, and hot drink powders. We have remedies that are suitable for both adults and children from top brands like Lemsip, Day & Night Nurse, and Beechams. We also stock a wide range of unbranded medicines, where you can find effective medications like phenylephrine and paracetamol at phenomenal prices.

Dry, Tickly, and Chesty Cough Medicines

As well as a wide range of cold and flu relief, we also stock a range of cough medicines that can tackle all different types of cough. Whether you’re driving yourself crazy with a chesty mucus cough, or are irritated by a tickly dry cough, we’ve got cough medicines that can help you to feel more comfortable. If cough syrups aren’t your thing, we also stock tablets and pastilles that can help to soothe that stubborn cough. 

Decongestant Nasal Sprays and Tablets

If you’re suffering from congestion caused by a cold or the flu, we have a range of nasal sprays and tablets that can help to clear your blocked, stuffy nose. This includes pseudoephedrine tablets, xylometazoline nasal sprays, and saline nasal sprays and drops. If you’re looking for a decongestant that’s suitable for your little one, saline sprays could be a perfect choice, as they’re gentle, can be used from birth, and come from top brands like Calpol, Sterimar, and Snufflebabe!

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