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Sodium Hyaluronate Eye Drops and Eye Mist

Sodium Hyaluronate Eye Drops and Eye Mist

Eye Drops for Dry and Tired Eyes

Sodium Hyaluronate eye drops are a gentle way to hydrate your dry, tired eyes.

Whether your eyes are dry after a day of staring at your computer, or they’re dehydrated from wearing contact lenses, moisturising eye drops can help you to feel more comfortable.

Just a drop or two in each eye can ease the itchy, gritty feeling in your eyes that you may experience when they’re dried out.

Sodium hyaluronate eye drops are a popular remedy for those who need long-lasting hydration for their dry, sore eyes, getting to work right away to soothe irritation, whenever you need them.

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Showing 20 results

How Do Sodium Hyaluronate Eye Drops Work?

How Do Sodium Hyaluronate Eye Drops Work?

Sodium hyaluronate eye drops work to hydrate your dry eyes, easing feelings of irritation and grittiness.

Sodium hyaluronate is a natural substance that can be found in your eyes, so using sodium hyaluronate eye drops is a gentle way to moisturise your tired eyes when they need it most.

Your eyes may feel dry for a number of everyday reasons, like spending too much time looking at screens or spending time in air conditioned or artificially heated environments.

If you wear contact lenses, you may also find that you experience dry eyes or irritation as your eyes get tired of wearing your lenses.

Many people use sodium hyaluronate eye drops to ease the itchy, gritty feeling that they get when they have dry eyes and need instant relief.


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