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Wax Strips

Who says you have to go to a salon for to wax off your unwanted body hair? With wax strips you can get rid of that hair quickly and easily in the comfort of your own home. Just apply the strip from your waxing kit and pull it off, removing body hair from your arms, legs, chest, eyebrows, and more.

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How do wax strips work?

Wax strips work by removing your unwanted hair by the root. Not only does this get rid of unwanted hair straight away, but by removing the hair entirely you make it more difficult for new hair to grow back. This means that your hair will take longer to grow back, leaving you feeling smoother for longer.

How do you use wax strips?

Wax strips are easy to use, just warm the strip between your hands and smooth it over the area of hair you want to remove. Then pull back the strip, taking that unwanted hair with it, and throw the used strip away. Just like that you’ll have smooth, hair-free skin that will last much longer than shaving.

Wax Strips

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