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Keeping you mouth in good condition is essential, and if you’ve ever suffered through painful toothache you’ll know why! When you’ve got toothache, a cold sore, or any other oral problem, you realise just how important it is to care for your mouth properly. With that said, even those who follow a flawless dental care routine can suffer with the occasional infection or mouth ulcer that needs to be properly cared for so you can bring back your smile.

What kinds of oral care treatments are available?

Here at Chemist 4 U we have different kinds of treatments that can be used to ease whatever problem your mouth is dealing with. Lots of these products come as creams or gels, which are commonly used to treat mouth ulcers, cold sores, toothache, and oral thrush. Others include mouthwashes that can help to ease gum disease, gingivitis, and dry mouth, or lip balms that can soothe dry, chapped lips.

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