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Chewing gum can be a simple and effective way to keep your teeth clean and your breath minty fresh throughout the day. When you’re out and about, but need a quick pick-me-up, a piece of chewing gum can provide a quick, invigorating, burst of freshness.

As chewing also stimulates the mouth to produce saliva, regularly chewing gum can help maintain healthy neutral PH levels in the mouth while maintaining cleanliness. Some kinds of gum even help to restore and maintain natural teeth whiteness through the use of microgranules. This makes gum especially handy for those with a diet that includes a large amounts of staining from food and drink, such as coffee or acidic citrus fruits.

Chemist-4-U provides a range of gum for you to choose from, which will help improve and maintain good oral hygiene day-to-day.

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Showing 5 results