Hydrocortisone Cream

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Hydrocortisone Cream for Itching, Eczema, and Insect Bites


Hydrocortisone cream is a treatment for dry skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis, and insect bites and stings.


Hydrocortisone cream (HC cream) is a topical corticosteroid, and it can be used to ease inflammation and reduce itching, soothing your irritated skin and giving it room to heal.


Hydrocortisone is available in creams from popular brands like Canesten, HC45, Anusol, and Daktacort, and may be combined with other ingredients, like antifungal treatments clotrimazole and miconazole.

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    Anusol Plus HC Ointment – 15g
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    Daktacort Hydrocortisone Cream - 15g
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    Canesten Hydrocortisone Cream - 15g
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    Hydrocortisone 1% w/w Cream – 15g (Brand May Vary)
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    Dermacort 0.1% Hydrocortisone Cream - 15g
  7. Zenoxone Hydrocortisone Cream 1% 15g
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 Can hydrocortisone be used at the same time as other topical treatments, like miconazole or clotrimazole?
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