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Thrush is a type of genital infection in women caused by yeast like fungus known as Candida albicans. Most women have this fungus in their vaginal parts, but hormones and various other body supporting bacteria keep them under control. The condition becomes worse when the fungal growth goes unchecked and there is unusual vaginal discharge. Though not dangerous, yet vaginal thrush becomes uncomfortable and distressing many times hampering your normal life. Vaginal thrush has typical symptoms like itching and soreness around the vagina, stinging sensation during urination, unusual discharge of white and thick discharge.

If your doctors confirms that its mild vaginal thrush then you can go for various medically tested anti-thrush medicines from trusted brands (with consultation from your doctor). Maintaining cleanliness is very important to reduce the recurrence of vaginal thrush and to check the growth of Candida albicans .Using hypoallergenic, alcohol free anti-thrush wipes provides a gentle cleansing around the entrance of the vagina. Then there are anti-thrush pessary and creams –effective single dose treatment for vaginal thrush.

Visit Chemist-4-U –a UK based pharmacy, and find hypoallergenic, and medically tested anti thrush medicines, Pessaries from top brands like Canesten.

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Showing 19 results