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Trapped wind is a common problem suffered by almost everyone, but admitted by very few owing to social embarrassment it can cause. Trapped wind includes symptoms like pain or discomfort in stomach, flatulence, puffy feeling in the stomach, rumbling noise in abdomen or stomach. Uncontrolled eating habits, gorging on junky and carbo-hydrate rich food, high fat foods all lead to a bloated stomach.

Following a healthy lifestyle enriched with a balanced diet, regular exercise and drinking lots of hydrating drinks can greatly reduce the recurrence of Trapped wind. Other than healthy food habits, taking over the counter medicines, salts and suspensions to alleviate trapped wind also gives a great relief to those embarrassing and puffy feelings in your stomach.

Shop at the online store of Chemist-4-U- a UK based pharmacy for prescription medicines, suspensions and tablets for treating trapped winds and bloating.

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Showing 23 results