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Fungal Nail Treatment & Antifungal Nail Polish

If your nail is looking discoloured and brittle then you could be suffering from a fungal nail infection, a common infection that isn’t serious but can take time to treat.

Fungal nail infections happen when the balance under your nail is disturbed, letting fungus thrive beneath the nail and causing an infection that can spread to your other nails if you don’t treat it properly.

Antifungal nail polish and other fungal nail treatments can help to stop the nail fungus from spreading, treating your infection as your nail grows out and protecting your other nails at the same time.

Many of these nail fungus treatments can be used at the same time as regular nail polish, so your nails can still look their best as you wait for the damaged nail to grow out and for a healthy nail to grow in its place.

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Showing 17 results