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Carnation Footcare Silky Nails Nail System

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RRP £19.99

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What is Carnation Silky Nails?

Carnation Silky Nail System is a lightweight device with three detachable heads created to shape, file, buff and shine nails. It’s easy to use and portable for shiny nails in seconds!


Why should we look after our nails?

Our natural nails can develop ridges making them uneven and appear dull. Buffing down these ridges can help your nails look healthier.


How does the Silky Nails System work?

This nail system contains three attachable rollers. The first attachable head is for filing and shaping your nails, the second is for buffing out any ridges on the surface of your nails and the third for polishing your nails until they shine.

Do’s and Don’ts for Health Nails


  • Wear rubber gloves if your hands are often in water or you regularly use cleaning products.
  • Clean your nails with a soft nailbrush.
  • Regularly apply hand cream to your nails and fingertips.
  • Regularly trim your nails.
  • Cut injured, loose nails back to where they are still attached- this helps them to grow back normally.
  • Buff down ridges.


  • Do not cut your nails down the edges- trim straight across the top to help avoid ingrowing nails.
  • Do not clean under your nails with sharp objects.
  • Do not bite or pick your nails or the skin around them.
  • Do not ignore fungal infections.


How to use Carnation Silky Nails.

Apply each of the attachable heads, in turn, to file, buff and polish your nails. The Silky Nails System has high and low rotation speed settings for greater control, as well as a reversible function so it can be used by both the right and left hand. The finger rest allows controlled nail shaping. Silky Nails has all the tools for the perfect manicure or pedicure anywhere.

When should Carnation Silky Nails NOT be used?

Carnation Silky Nails is only suitable for adults. If you are diabetic, speak to your doctor before using Carnation Silky Nails or any other kind of foot care product. Do not use Carnation Silky Nails if you are allergic to any of the ingredients listed in this product. If the area you are treating becomes sore or inflamed, stop using the product and speak to your doctor or Chemist 4 U pharmacist. Do not buff or file your nails excessively.

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