The Unicough formula is stunning physicians and pharmacists around the world because of the formula’s three active ingredients and ability to help all coughs whether chesty, dry, or tickly. Named in its unique way to tackle even the toughest coughs, the brand uses a special cocoa formula that helps suppress urges to a cough. The product formula also gives a goodnight’s sleep and is one of the first formulas to provide an alcohol-free and effective solution to traditional cough syrup. Read More See less

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The suggested 5ml of Unicough formula contains ammonium chloride, diphenhydramine hydrochloride, and levomenthol. These three ingredients put into the thick syrup formula coat the throat and relieve the need to cough. One two Two tablespoons every four hours provides fast and long acting relief. The formula has been approved for both children and adults ages 12 years or older with the need for doctor’s approval if under 12.

Unicough has been clinically proven to address symptoms of all types of coughs including chesty, dry, and tickly. Each cough time has been associated with a stage in the cold cycle. Whereas before a separate type of cough medicine was needed to address each of these cough-types, Unicough gets the job done for all three in just one tablespoon.

The brand sells two different formula types, Unicough and Unisooth. The Unicough formula is a liquid syrup. The new Unisoothe formula comes in dual-impact lozenges and a chocolate flavour with a shell made from mint and menthol. While the inside contains the patented syrup, the outside helps to cool and calm.

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