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These are two unpleasant body infections that cause itchiness. Head lice is the infection of the head hair, caused by tiny insects, while scabies is a contagious infestation caused by mites that lay eggs in the skin.

While mostly harmless, head lice can cause an itchy scalp and a rash on the back of the neck, and be frustrating to deal with. It can affect many people, especially young children just starting school. Scabies is a common condition, which anyone can get. It involves a rash that turns to red spots, usually spreading across the whole body, except the head.

There are different treatments to help get rid of these itchy infections. At Chemist-4-U, we provide a range of quality products and medications that can help treat, kill and remove head lice and scabies. This includes combs to detect lice, shampoos to remove them and repellents to keep them away, as well as lotions to help quickly relieve the symptoms of scabies and get rid of the infection.

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Showing 24 results