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For many people who suffer from hair loss, the first line of defence for keeping symptoms at bay is a medicated shampoo or conditioner. These are designed to help strengthen the hair and the scalp to prevent additional hair loss or to stimulate the growth of new, healthy hair.

Hair loss can, for many, be a particularly embarrassing condition, which is caused by a number of factors, from illness or genetics to age or stress. This can be a traumatic process for people to go through and, for many, is attributed to depression, loss of motivation and an increase in anxiety.

At Chemist-4-U, we provide a range of specialised shampoos and conditioners designed to nourish the hair at the root. This helps to promote healthy hair growth, which can make you more resistant to the signs of hair loss, such as a receding hairline or general thinning of the hair. The aim being that these treatments help to restore flagging confidence and allow people to live happier lives.

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Showing 3 results