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Minoxidil Hair Loss Treatment for Men and Women

Minoxidil Hair Loss Treatment for Men and Women

Minoxidil Foam and Solution

Minoxidil is a hair loss treatment which is scientifically proven to stop or reverse hereditary hair loss in both men and women aged 18 – 65.

If you’re suffering with female or male pattern baldness and are looking for a way to keep or regrow your hair, minoxidil could help you to get the most from your hair.

You can find minoxidil in products from Regaine, a brand which creates minoxidil foam and solutions for both men and women suffering with hair loss which runs in their family.

When you’re using minoxidil, you can usually use your regular shampoos and styling products with no problems, so your hair can look fantastic as you wait for your treatment to get to work.

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Showing 8 results

 What Makes Minoxidil a Genuine Hair Loss Treatment?

What Makes Minoxidil a Genuine Hair Loss Treatment?


Minoxidil is thought to work by increasing the flow of blood to your hair follicles, which stops from shrinking in diameter and helps to reverse the process.


It also helps to stimulate the follicles, helping them to enter the growth phase so they can produce new hair and helping you to keep your remaining hair.


When you first see hair regrowth, it may be soft and downy, but over time it should start to grow in with the same colour and texture of your other hair.


In studies performed by the manufacturers of Regaine, one of the most popular minoxidil products, 9 out of 10 men and 8 out of 10 women said they kept or regrew their hair while using Regaine’s minoxidil foam.


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