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It can be difficult for some of us to get all of the vitamins we need from our kitchen cupboards alone, and we may need to introduce vitamin supplements to keep our bodies healthy and balanced. Read More See less

Skin is your body’s largest organ, so it’s important that you provide it with all of the essential vitamins it needs to stay vibrant and healthy.



With the amount of different vitamins on the market, it can be difficult to know which ones will benefit your skin and which ones won’t.



There are four main vitamins that your skin will love - vitamin D, C, E, and K, and with regular use, you could see a reduction in dark spots, acne or acne scars, rough patches, wrinkles, redness, and dryness.



You can take these vitamins orally or integrate them as part of your skincare routine in the form of topical cream or serum.

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    Floradix Floravital Liquid Iron and Vitamin Formula - 500ml

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    Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula With Vitamin E - 400ml (Pack of 2)

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    Phizz Multivitamin & Hydration Effervescent Orange Flavour - 10 Tablets

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    Phizz Multivitamin & Hydration Effervescent Orange Flavour - 20 Tablets

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    Nutri Within Vitamin C 1000mg - 365 Tablets (Expire 02/23)

    Suitable For Vegans.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should take an iron supplement?

Most people are able to get enough iron from diet alone, but some people who might not be getting enough iron may benefit from taking an iron supplement.


If you’re pregnant, have heavy periods, follow a vegetarian or vegan diet or have a blood disorder, you may need to take an iron supplement to ensure you’re getting the correct amount your body needs.


You should, however, check with your GP first so they can test your blood to see if your iron levels are low.

How much vitamin D should I take?

The NHS recommends that everyone over the age of 4 should take 10 microgram vitamin D supplements during autumn and winter.


This is because we usually get vitamin D from sunlight hitting our skin and when the lovely British weather kicks in in the colder months it can be harder for us to catch those rays.


Although you can get vitamin D from your diet, it’s not the easiest vitamin to get enough of, which is why daily supplements step in to help.


If you’re someone who isn’t exposed to a lot of sunlight in general, you can take a vitamin D supplement all year round to help keep your levels up.

Why is vitamin A bad for pregnancy?

The right amount of vitamin A is essential for your baby’s development, to make sure their vision and immune system are working as they should.


However, too much vitamin A can be very harmful to your baby.


Your body will store the excess amount of vitamin A in your liver, which creates a toxic effect and can cause birth defects or abnormalities in your baby.


You should be getting the right amount of vitamin A from your prenatal vitamins and your diet - do not take an additional vitamin A supplement while pregnant, and if you do, speak to your doctor immediately.

How long does it take for vitamin C to work?

You should start to notice vitamin C working in as little as 24 hours if you’re looking to reduce the symptoms and length of a cold.


If you’re taking vitamin C for your skin or well-being, you may begin to notice a change in 3 weeks.

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