7 summer skincare essentials for healthy, glowing skin

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Summer calls for soft, glowing skin, but whilst you may think the warmer season is the answer to your skin dilemmas (we’re thinking dry and cracked winter skin), the heat and burning rays can bring a whole new load of problems. 
Fear not, as we’ve got the summer skincare essentials that will help keep these problems at bay and keep your skin soft, supple, and glowing through the summer months. 
Here are the products you should keep using over the next few months, and the products you should add to your skincare kit. 

Should your skincare routine change through the seasons? 

First off, let’s start with your skincare routine.  
Less is often more when it comes to skincare, but your particular skin type may require some extra TLC. No matter the season, you should follow the same simple steps of cleansing, tone, moisturise, and don’t forget eye cream! If toner is too harsh for your skin you can skip this step. 
A basic skincare routine should always consist of cleansing away the daily grime, makeup, and pollutants from your pores, followed by moisture to help prevent tight skin and wrinkles. 
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Naturally, in winter you’ll want to inject extra moisture into your skin so you may want to add serums and oils, but this can still apply in summer. 
One product that many people add into their routine in summer but forget in winter, is SPF. Applying sunscreen is an essential all year round skincare step that would usually come after your moisturiser, after all, UV rays are present come rain or shine. 
The basic steps remain all through the seasons but you may need to make tweaks along the way. Here’s what you need for summer. 

Summer skincare essentials 


1. Cleanser

Cleansing is important at any time of year but particularly in summer when the increase in temperature causes excessive sweating which can block your pores. Use a cleanser that cleans your skin and removes impurities without damaging your natural skin barrier. 
A cleanser that is too harsh can cause irritation. Try CeraVe’s Micellar Cleansing Water to firstly remove makeup, pollutants, and excess sebum - all while protecting the skin barrier. It contains niacinamide which helps to control redness, inflammation, and oil production which may be worse in the summer months.
A second cleanse using one of CeraVe’s hydrating, foaming, or smoothing cleansers gives a thorough clean and prepares the skin for additional products such as serums and moisturisers. This ‘double-cleansing’ technique helps products to work more effectively. 


2. Lighter moisturisers

Your skin is particularly thirsty in summer so ensure the products you use are super hydrating. The same goes for oily skin types, as more often than not, lack of moisture is the cause of excessive sebum. Your skin overproduces sebum to compensate for the lack of moisture. 
You may not necessarily need the extra thick moisturiser you used in winter, but instead, you should use a lighter moisturiser or lotion. Serums are also a great way of replacing moisture loss without leaving a sticky feeling on the skin which is the last thing you want in high temperatures!
If your skin is on the dryer side use serums as well as moisturisers. 

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3. Exfoliator

To achieve smooth, glowing skin it’s a good idea to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells that can leave skin looking dull. 
Use a gentle exfoliator on sensitive parts of the body such as the face, and use an exfoliating mitt or brush on your body. For best and safe results you only need to exfoliate once or twice a week, exfoliating too much can damage the skin, and remember to avoid areas of broken or irritated skin. 


4. Sunscreen

This is one for all year round but it’s particularly important when the sun is at its strongest in summer. 
If there’s one skincare product you shouldn’t be without this summer, it’s sunscreen! Sunscreen will help keep you looking youthful and healthy for years to come. 
We all know what damage the sun can do to the skin, and the best way to protect it is by wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen that has at least SPF 30 and a 4-star UVA rating (not sure what all this sunscreen jargon means? Find out, here). 
Apply sunscreen every day and reapply frequently - your skin will love you for it!


5. Fake tan

If you want a bronzed look without skin damage, try self-tanning products to give you an instant glow. Gone are the days of foul-smelling streaky fake tans, these days tanning products are more advanced and you can achieve a natural, bronzed glow easily from a bottle. 
If you’re new to self-tanning, try a gradual tan and build it up over a number of days, that way you have more control and can achieve the look you want. 


6. Anti-chafing gel

Chafing is a very common skin problem that can become worse in summer because of the extra moisture caused by heat. Many people also take up sports in the warm weather such as cycling and running which can cause friction on the skin, and wearing loose dresses and skirts doesn’t offer protection from thigh chafing. 
So you can see how summertime isn’t great for chafing, but fortunately, there are anti-chafing treatments that help prevent the inflammation, rash, broken skin, and pain caused by chafing. 
Lanacane anti-chafing gel forms a protective barrier over the skin to stop friction, and is a welcomed relief for many sufferers!


7. Sunburn soothers

Occasionally, accidents do happen, and if you haven’t protected your skin from the sun’s UV rays and now you’re experiencing the side effects, ensure you have products on hand that can help ease the pain of sun damage and improve the appearance of your skin. 
After sun helps bring back moisture to the skin. Aloe vera is particularly good for soothing sunburn and you can use natural aloe vera straight from the plant, or there are many skincare products that contain this natural plant-based ingredient. 
Antioxidants such as vitamin C and vitamin E also help with stressed skin caused by environmental factors such as UV rays and pollution. They help with inflammation, uneven skin tone, and visible signs of sun damage. You can find these ingredients in many skincare products. 


More tips for healthy summer skin

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  • Use products containing noncomedogenic ingredients (which simply means they won’t clog your pores)
  • Keep skincare products in the fridge (if recommended) for a cooling effect that will help to reduce redness and inflammation
  • If you’re worried about scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone, Bio-Oil or products containing rose-hip oil are great for reducing the appearance of these 
  • Wear insect repellent to avoid bites and stings which can aggravate skin 
  • Keep calamine lotion or hydrocortisone cream handy in case of prickly heat 

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James O'Loan , CEO & Superintendent Pharmacist on 15 March 2023
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