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Zantac Is Available At Chemist 4 U

Chemist 4 U is a leading UK online pharmacy known for all-round pharmaceutical care. Zantac is one of the listed products at the Chemist 4 U website, providing an easy way for UK customers to access a true and easy solution to keep their stomachs free of acid pain.

Types Of Zantac Tablets

Chemist 4 U lists two types of Zantac tablets that have an outstanding record against stomach acids and indigestion. These are Zantac Ranitidine Heartburn and Indigestion Tablets and Zantac 75 Ranitidine Tablets.

How Does It Work?

With Zantac can offer all-round protection against stomach acids. These do not just neutralize acids like other anti-acids available in the market, but go ahead and reduce acid production in your stomach. When you take in Zantac tablets, you go for 12 hours without experiencing stomach acids problems which means taking them twice a day provides protection for the whole day and night. More so, these tablets help with the problem of indigestion. You can now relax and hope for your system to function normally by taking Zantac tablets. However, when taking self-administered medicine, caution should always be taken and the medicine should be taken in conjunction with consultations with a health practitioner.

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Showing 2 results