Providing quick relief for acid indigestion, heartburn and trapped wind, Bisodol tablets are antacids and are primarily used as indigestion relief tablets. A product of Forest Laboratories UK Limited, Bisodol is available over-the-counter and online as well and contains active ingredients of calcium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate and light magnesium carbonate. The other ingredients present in the tablets include, saccharin, maize starch, sugar, calcium stearate and peppermint oil flavoring.  This chewable tablet is for oral administration and is generally used for relief of the symptoms of gastric hyperacidity, along with flatulence, indigestion, dyspepsia and acidic pains. Read More See less

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Bisodol tablets are for both adults and children, even though the age limit for children is 12 years. Patients with renal failure, heart problems and hypophosphatemia should be restricted from having the medicine.

What causes indigestion?

There are several reasons which can lead to heartburn and indigestion among users. For instance, smoking, where the presence of chemicals in tobacco might increase the quantity of stomach acid and restrict the esophageal sphincter from functioning clearly. Being overweight can also lead to indigestion as there is extra pressure on stomach and often the pressure fosters the acidic stomach content towards the esophagus, which might lead to a heartburn. The constant consumption of chocolate, coffee and alcohol are some of the reasons for indigestion. Sometimes work stress and anxiety can disturb the nervous system which in return affects the stomach acids and cause indigestion. Even during pregnancy, one can experience indigestion and heartburn due to the pressure of the baby on the stomach. During this phase, the hormonal changes may lead to the loosening of the esophageal sphincter and the iron consisting tablets may be the reason behind indigestion for pregnant women.

Bisodol tablets are formulated to provide quick solutions without having any major side-effects on the patient.

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