Mask Wearing Statistics

Mask Wearing Statistics

With face masks now being normal everyday wear in the UK, we have looked at the statistics on the number of people who are willing to wear them.


According to statistics from the Office for National Statistics (ONS), 95% of Britons are wearing face coverings outside of their home. The 5% who don’t wear a face-covering represent 2,618,545 people.


Where do people wear face masks most often?


The following situations are the most prevalent for mask-wearing:


  • Shopping (94%)
  • While doing errands (40%)
  • While on public transport (26%)
  • While at work (26%)
  • When visiting a health centre (23%)
  • When meeting up with someone (15%)
  • While walking or exercising (9%)


What issues do people experience when wearing a face mask?


Of those who reported wearing a face mask, a number of people experienced unwanted issues, including:

  • Steaming up glasses (39%)
  • Feeling too hot (39%)
  • Difficulty communicating (38%)
  • Discomfort (29%)
  • Difficulty breathing (23%)
  • Discomfort around ears (22%)
  • Itchiness (12%)
  • Skin rashes (5%)


Just 17% of people had no issues when wearing a mask.


What type of face mask do people wear?


  • Medical mask that you bought (30%)
  • Homemade cloth mask (26%)
  • Cloth mask that you bought (23%)
  • Scarf or similar (17%)


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James O'Loan , CEO & Superintendent Pharmacist on 17 September 2021
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