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Period pain or Painful menstrual periods is a common condition in which women suffer from a pain around lower abdomen often flowed by a back pain. The intensity of pain can differ from person to person. The pain can at times hamper execution of normal routines during the menstruation period. Dysmenorrheal or painful menstruation is due to muscle contractions triggered by prostaglandins, a hormone like substance to aid the uterus to shed its lining.

Painful menstruation can be treated by using various home remedies like using a heating pad around the abdomen and back, light exercise or meditation, massaging the abdomen etc. If home remedies do not alleviate the menstrual pain, then with the recommendation of your doctor go for medically tested medicines and pain relievers.

Chemist-4-U –a UK based pharmacy stocks up all the effective medicines and non medicinal heat packs to cure Dysmenorrhea like the Feminax Ultra Pain Relief 9 Tablets, Cura-Heat Period Pain adhesive patches.

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Showing 18 results