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Snoring is often a mild is a nuisance that more often affects not the person himself/herself but the people around him. Snoring occurs when there is obstruction in normal passage of air due to narrowing of the muscles in pharynx and or clogging of nose due to cold or other reasons. The noise occurs due to the vibrating effect of the soft palate and uvula while we are asleep. The most effective way to treat snoring is to prevent vibration of the tissue around palate and uvula.

The throat lozenges or medicated tablets in the shape of lozenges are effective yet simple way to prevent snoring these lozenges contain active ingredients like honey, lemon, and a polant based extract called Xanthan Gum which lubricate and thus limit vibrations in soft palate.

At Chemist-4-U you can find a range of effective anti snoring lozenges from reputed brands like Quies at market best prices.

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Showing 5 results