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Threadworms are small worm-like creatures which can dwell in the human digestive system. They lay eggs on the skin around the anus, which leads to itching and discomfort. The worms are a common occurrence in young children and often appear as white ‘threads’, visible in faeces.

Symptoms of threadworm infestation are commonly itching around the anus, which, if allowed to persist, can lead to bacterial infection. Other problems could arise if the worms migrate to other organs, such as causing symptoms similar to appendicitis.

Treatment often involves a medicinal element intended to kill the worms in the gut. Alongside this, cleaning should be carried out, focussing on clothing and bedding, for example, to help ensure no trades of the parasites remain in your home.

The whole family need to be treated to ensure the worms haven’t spread to other people. Medicines only tend to kill the worms. The eggs can also survive outside the body for some time. At Chemist-4-U, we provide a number of treatments to help treat isolated cases, or help to eliminate threadworm from the entire family.

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Showing 3 results