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Are you a lady who loves to spend time by carrying out physical activities like jogging, dancing or yoga? But you do feel your bladder is not able to bear that much pressure lately? If you are losing even a few drops of urine upon laughing, sneezing or coughing, you could probably be suffering from urinary incontinence. In females, the common causes behind incontinence are urinary tract infection, constipation, hormonal changes, childbirth, menopause and hysterectomy.

At Chemist-4-u.com, we offer a huge array of treatments and aids in the form of vaginal exercisers, bed underpads, pelvic toners and panty liners. The pads and liners are designed to give you ultimate protection for incontinence, whether moderate or heavy. On the other hand, the vaginal exercisers are the patented medical devices that offer a rigorous exercise routine and assist the vagina in squeezing itself with minimal efforts.

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