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Neo G Airflow Wrist & Thumb Support - Medium

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Wrist & Thumb Support - Medium £12.19
Wrist & Thumb Support - Large £12.19
Faye Bonnell - Medical Content Writer
Faye Bonnell
Medical Content Writer
James O'Loan - CEO & Superintendent Pharmacist
James O'Loan
CEO & Superintendent Pharmacist

What is Neo G Airflow Wrist & Thumb Support?

This Neo G Airflow slimline bandage is designed to provide lightweight, breathable support for wrist and thumb issues like pain, instability or weakness caused by injuries like sprains and strains or conditions like arthritis or carpel tunnel syndrome. This bandage comes in three different sizes: S, M and L. Make sure to choose the correct size for the right level of support. 


Is this bandage suitable for use during sporting activities?

The Neo G Airflow Wrist & Thumb Support with multi-zone compression provides a snug, yet flexible fit, helping warm muscles and support the wrist during sporting and occupational activities. The specialist breathable fabric helps control moisture during intense activities whilst providing support during movement. 


How do support bandages work?

Joint supports and compression bandages are designed to apply gentle pressure to an injury. They work by preventing fluids from gathering at the site of the injury, which in turn helps to minimise swelling and pain. 


Should this bandage be worn at night?

Support bandages are designed to be worn during the day to provide support for injuries or weakness. You should not wear this bandage at night as it may end up exerting too high a pressure on the area, reducing circulation. You should also avoid wearing this bandage during any physiotherapy exercises to allow the muscles to get stronger. 


How tight should your support bandage be?

When wearing a support bandage, it’s important to make sure it’s not too tight and not too slack. If it’s too tight, it may cause discomfort and reduce circulation, but if it’s too slack, it won’t provide enough support to help your injury or ailment. 

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