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Alvita Absorbent Pants - 14 Large Day Pads

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Alvita Absorbent Pants - 14 Large Day Pads


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What are Alvita Absorbent Pants?

Alvita Absorbent Pants are discreet disposable pants which help to manage moderate to heavy incontinence. They’re soft and comfortable, and have been designed for those with an active lifestyle, staying comfortably in place no matter what life brings. These discreet, latex-free pants are perfect to wear beneath your clothes without being noticeable.


What is urinary incontinence?

Urinary incontinence is what happens when you pass urine without intending to. This can happen for a number of reasons, and is much more common than many people assume. Some of the most common types of urinary incontinence include:

  • Stress incontinence – the kind of incontinence which happens when you cough or laugh
  • Urge incontinence – the kind of incontinence where your urine leaks as you feel a sudden intense urge to pee
  • Overflow incontinence – when you’re unable to completely empty your bladder, causing leakage
  • Total incontinence – the kind of incontinence caused by your bladder being completely unable to store urine


How will these absorbent pants help me to manage my incontinence?

Alvita Absorbent Pants use super absorbent layers to trap any fluid or wetness, keeping it away from the skin so you’ll feel dry and comfortable all day. The core pad is designed to mimic the natural shape of your body, so you can enjoy a comfortable and close fit. Meanwhile, the elastic waistband and leg cuffs keep the pants in place, preventing leakage while remaining easy to wear. These pants use an odour neutraliser, so you can feel confident and fresh as the handy wetness indicator tells you when it’s time to change the product.


What size are these pants?

These Alvita Absorbent Pants are size large, which them ideal for men and women with a waist size of 100 – 135cm or 39.5 – 53 inches.


Are these pants for daytime or night-time wear?

These absorbent pants ideal for daytime wear, as they are super absorbent but are less bulky, ideal for discreet wear underneath your clothing. They hold less fluid than standard night-time pants, and can absorb up to 1430ml of fluid with each wear.


How to use Alvita Absorbent Pants

Step into these absorbent pants in the same way you would any underwear, noting where the blue lines are on the waist band. The blue lines are placed on the back of the pants so you will know which way to wear them. You don’t need to tighten these pants, as they use an elasticated waistband and leg cuffs, which hold them in place and keeps them secure. Check the wetness indicator on the front of the pants to see when it is time to change. When the lines on the indicator have changed from yellow to blue over half of the length of the pants, then it is time to change.


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