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Numark Peppermint Antacid 500mg Tablets 48

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How should peppermint antacid tablets be taken?

The tablets should be chewed or sucked. Do not swallow whole.

Adults and children over the age of 12: take 1 or 2 tablets when needed. Do not exceed more than 16 tablets in any 24 hour period.

When should peppermint antacid tablets be taken?

Peppermint antacid tablets are suitable for the treatment of indigestion, uncomfortable heartburn, stomach pain and passing wind. It works by neutralising the the stomach acid so that it becomes less corrosive.

When should peppermint antacid tablets not be taken?

Do not take this medicine if you are allergic to calcium carbonate or any of the other ingredients listed in the information leaflet. Peppermint antacid tablets are not suitable if you: have kidney problems, including kidney stones, have an overactive parathyroid gland, have heart problems and are taking cardiac glycosides, are on a low phosphate diet, have been told by your doctor that you have high levels of calcium in your blood, have Zollinger-Ellison syndrome or are under 12 years of age.

Do I need a prescription to order peppermint antacid tablets?

No, you don’t need a prescription to buy this medicine.

Can I take peppermint antacid tablets if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

You should consult your GP or pharmacist before taking peppermint antacid tablets if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Can I drink alcohol when I’m taking peppermint antacid tablets?

Yes, antacid tablets should not interact with alcohol. Please note that alcohol may worsen your heartburn.


Do not give to children under the age of 12.

Keep out of the sight and reach of children.

Always read the information leaflet before use.

Numark Peppermint Antacid 500mg Tablets 48 Reviews

By Prof Dr Niall Hastings,
June 21, 2022
I have full confidence in this product speaking from a relieved experience.
By Corinne Hansen,
February 27, 2022
This really is the only thing that helps me! Unfortunately my local chemist doesn’t stock this now but was easy enough to buy online.
By Carol Seeney,
December 15, 2021
Bought from Chemist4U online , these work very quick. Would recommend to any reflux sufferers.
By Debbie and thanks for your order,
January 26, 2021
Great quick service
By Sandra,
January 26, 2021
Does what its meant to do
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