Doublebase Gel and Emollients

Doublebase products are designed to care for your skin by using their emollient properties to soothe and hydrate your dry skin.

This is a complete range that can help to support you throughout your everyday life as you try to manage your dry skin condition.

The Doublebase range contains emollient creams, gels, shower gels, hand wash gels, and bath additives, so your skin can remain protected no matter what.

Doublebase can help people who have eczema, psoriasis, ichthyosis, and other dry skin conditions and are looking for a way to keep their skin feeling soft and hydrated, and looking beautiful.

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    Doublebase Moisturiser Gel - 500g
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    Doublebase Emollient Bath Additive – 500ml
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    Doublebase Dayleve Gel - 500g Pump
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    Doublebase Gel – 100g

    Doublebase Gel – 100g

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    Doublebase Dayleve Gel - 100g
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    Doublebase Gel – 250g
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 Why do I need to answer medical questions before I can buy some of these products?
 How can emollients help me to manage dry skin and eczema?
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