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Epaderm Emollient Creams and Ointments

Epaderm Emollient Creams and Ointments

Epaderm creams and ointments are emollients that work to soothe dry skin and dry skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, contact dermatitis, and more.

They’re perfect for the whole family, using ingredients that are kind to your skin and free from fragrance, colouring, and SLS, which can all aggravate your dry skin.

If you’re looking for an everyday way to soothe your dry skin condition, something to make your little one’s dry skin feel softer and more hydrated, or a treatment for very dry and cracked skin, Epaderm products can help to soothe and moisturise your skin.

Developed by dermatologists, Epaderm products were made for your sensitive skin, so you can feel confident that your skin is in the best hands whenever it needs a little love and care.



Epaderm Junior products are a range of emollients that are perfect for your little one’s delicate skin.


It’s perfect for children of all ages, including babies, so you know that from the moment you notice dry patches on their delicate skin you can treat it properly right away.


Epaderm Junior products are free from SLS, fragrance, colouring and other irritants that can aggravate your little one’s sensitive skin, perfect for when their flare ups are getting them down.


These products have been developed by dermatologists with children’s delicate skin in mind and are recommended by doctors to parents who are looking for a simple yet effective way to keep their child’s skin feeling baby soft.

Epaderm Cream or Epaderm Ointment?

Epaderm Cream or Epaderm Ointment?

When you’re managing your dry skin, you’re probably wondering whether you should be using an Epaderm emollient cream, an ointment, or both!


Although Epaderm Ointments and Creams can both be used to soothe dry skin as a topical treatment or as a cleanser to replace harsh soaps or bath additives, your choice will lie in the condition of your own skin.


If you have dry or sensitive skin and are looking for an everyday way to manage dry skin conditions, Epaderm Cream will help you to keep your skin feeling hydrated without leaving behind a greasy residue.


When you have a flare up and your skin becomes very dry or cracked, then turn to Epaderm Ointment for protection from irritants as your skin heals and rehydrates.


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