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Updated: 12th September 2019

Your Questions About the Contour® Next One Answered

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Contour® Next One FAQs


The Contour® Next One is an illuminating blood glucose meter from Contour®, and if you have diabetes or want to be more conscious of your blood glucose, it could be perfect for you.


But what makes this blood glucose meter different from any other, what makes it so special?


Well today we’re going to answer both of these questions and more, as we take a closer look at the Contour® Next One blood glucose testing system.



What is the Contour® Next One?


The Contour® Next One is an innovative blood glucose meter from Acsensia Diabetes Care, sporting a range of features that make testing your blood glucose easier and more accurate than ever.


It connects to the Contour® Diabetes App, sending your readings to your smartphone, making tracking your readings simple and accessible within a moment.


The smartLIGHT® feature light up in different colours so you can see your readings instantly, giving you the feedback you need to make smart decisions about your blood glucose.


The Contour® Next One can be personalised to meet your needs, letting you set alerts, blood glucose targets, and events that will make reviewing your readings a breeze.


Contour Next One Blood Glucose Meter
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How does the Contour® Next One work?


The Contour® Next One works by reading your blood glucose levels after you’ve applied a small blood sample to the testing strip.


Your blood reacts with chemicals in the strip, which tells the meter what’s going on with your blood glucose.


It completes this reading instantly, lighting up and showing you your readings clearly on the meter’s screen.


At the same time, your Contour® Next One meter pings a message to the Contour® Diabetes App on your smartphone, so it can mark your progress in a simple graph and help you to work out what helps you to stay within your blood glucose target range.


Need to know how to use your Contour® Next One? We’ve written a handy guide about how to get to grips with this fantastic device, so you can start testing right away.



Which blood glucose test strips work with the Contour® Next One?


The Contour® Next One works with Contour® Next blood glucose testing strips.


These clever little test strips have a few unique features that make them the ideal partner for the Contour® Next One meter.


For starters, their Sip-In Sampling feature means that these test strips will absorb blood easily, helping you to get the right amount for your test from the first try.


Even if the first try doesn’t happen for you, no need to worry about pricking your finger again and again to get your sample.


Contour® Next test strips use Second-Chance® sampling, which gives you 60 seconds to apply more blood to the test strip and complete your reading without another finger prick!


Contour Next Test Strips - Pack of 50


What do the colours of the smartLIGHT® on the meter mean?


The smartLIGHT® on your Contour® Next One will light up the second your test is complete, giving you instant feedback on your reading.


The light will change colour depending on where your reading lies within your target range.


It works like a traffic light, red, amber, and green, here’s what they stand for:


  • Green light: You’re within your target blood glucose range
  • Amber light: You’re above your target range
  • Red light: You’re below your target range


Pretty simple, right? When you see these lights, you can make an instant decision about what to do next, helping you to make smart decisions about your blood glucose and how you manage it.



What does the Contour® Diabetes App do?


The Contour® Diabetes App connects wirelessly to your Contour® Next One blood glucose meter, recording your readings so you can see them easily, whenever you need to.


Download this app to your smartphone and it’ll send you helpful notifications that will help you to track trends in your blood glucose levels and even remind you when to test.


You can use this app to record your diet, carb intake, insulin doses, and many factors that can affect your blood glucose, and can attach notes, photos, and voice memos to each reading.


This app can even give you an easy to read report of your readings, so you can share it with your doctor and use it to make a plan together, helping both of you to get a clear view of your readings and what they mean for you.



Is the Contour® Next One right for me?


The Contour® Next One is perfect for anyone who wants to bring their blood glucose management into the 21st century.


It makes monitoring your blood glucose easier and smarter than ever, ideal for those who have diabetes and want to turn blood glucose self-monitoring from a chore, to a joy.


It’s also great for those who are health-conscious and want to know more about their blood glucose levels and how it affects them every single day.


If you want remarkably accurate information about your blood glucose, then look no further than the Contour® Next One!



Well now we know all there is to know about the Contour® Next One and what makes it so special!


Why not pick one up for yourself? Click the link below to take your first step into the new age of smart diabetes management!